At “Accurate Calibration & Testing Center”, we ensure accommodation, environmental conditions and Master Equipment & Standards to meet the requirements of NABL & Calibration Methods.
Our State-of-art Calibration Master Equipment & Standard includes –

Sr. No Equipment Sr. No Equipment
1 SIP Universal Length Measuring Machine
Make: SIP,

L.C. 0.1mm,  Range Upto 300mm
Accuracy: ± 0.7mm upto 300mm

6 Durometer Calibrator
As per ISO 18898: 2006

For Shore-A & Shore-D Durometers
2 Slip Gauge Block Calibration Facilities
Gauge Block Sets – 2 Nos.

Grade – K & 0,

(As per ISO 3650: 1998 / IS 2985: 2003)

7 Pressure Calibrators

To meet requirements of DKD R-6-1
Range upto 700 Bar
3 Floating Carriage Dia. Measuring Machine

L.C. 0.0001mm & Range Upto 100mm.

Accuracy: As per NPL UK Specification MOY/SCMI/9
8 Austenitic Stainless Steel Laboratory weights – ANLYTICAL
(Accuracy class E2 of OIML R-111)
Austenitic Stainless Steel Laboratory weights upto 20 Kg
(Accuracy class F2 of OIML R-111)
4 Angle Gauge Block Set - PRISMATIC
Accuracy  As per IS 6231: 1997
9 Torque Tester
Range upto: 550 Nm
Accuracy: As per ISO 6789: 2003
5 Single Axis Measuring Machine (Vertical - 2D)
Model: LH600 DG, Upto 600mm.
10 Length Bars Set

As per IS 7014: 1973
Upto 1000mm.


nabl accredition  
National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories

Accurate Calibration & Testing Center

Laboratory & Regd. Office :

168, B wing, 1st Floor,
Jai Ganesh Vision, Akurdi,
Maharastra, INDIA.