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S.No Measuring Instrument Capabilities at a glance
1 Dial Calibration Tester
L.C 0.001 mm &
L.C. 0.0002 / 0.0001 mm

Upto 25mm


2 Vertical Single Axis Measuring Machine /
Electronic Height Gauge.

L.C. 0.001mm & L.C. 0.0001mm

Upto 1000mm


3 Length Measuring Machine – Horizontal (ULM)

L.C. 0.001mm & L.C. 0.0001mm

Upto 300mm
4 Floating Carriage Dia. Measuring Machine
L.C. 0.0002 & 0.0001mm
L.C. 0.001mm
Upto 200mm.

(Tested as per NPL UK Specification MOY/SCMI/9)
Height Micrometer / Height Master

L.C. 0.0005 mm
L.C. 0.001 / 0.002 mm
L.C. 0.01 mm
Upto 300mm.

With Riser Block
Upto 300mm.

Surface Roughness Master
(Ra upto 10mm
Rmax upto 30m
Rz upto 30m
Pt upto 10mm) 
Surface Roughness Tester

(Ra upto 10mm
Rmax upto 30m
Rz upto 30mm)
Tape & Scale Calibrator

L.C. 0.001 mm

L.C. 0.01 / 0. 02 mm

Upto 1000mm. 



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